East Point Seminars is a licensed Acupuncture Continuing Education Provider in the State of Illinois.  Most classes are also approved for NCCAOM PDAs.  Health care providers in all professions will benefit from the classes we offer, and some classes are open to the general public.


Mary has been teaching orthopedics since 1991.  While she is an acupuncturist and teaches a needling technique specially suited to orthopedic problems, she also trained in manual therapies and has developed many manual techniques of her own.  Her approach to orthopedics is unique because it focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of ligaments, tendons, and fascia (“stiff” tissue).  Mary believes that the most effective treatment for the majority of orthopedic problems is a two-step approach:  First, loosen the soft and stiff tissues to create a little working space, and then realign the joints.

She also believes that we cannot view joints in isolation.  The body is not a machine.  It is a dynamic and highly adaptable set of structures.  An injury in any joint produces a somewhat predictable cascade of consequences throughout the body.  Her classes explain how and why this cascade occurs, and how to stabilize or reverse it, depending on the amount of damage that has occurred.  This view of how the body works explains both the effects of acute injury and how wear and tear occurs.

Three types of orthopedics classes are offered:

  1. Overview of the stiff tissue and how adaptation to injury cascades throughout the skeletal system
  2. In-depth examination of specific body regions, including normal anatomy, clinical problems, diagnosis, and treatment strategies
  3. Hands-on clinical practice for small groups of practitioners


Mary co-teaches an annual detox class with Mary Helen Lee, a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist whose private practice is the White Moon Healing Center in Rogers Park.  This class is open to health care professionals and to the general public.

We cover many topics in this 6-hr class, including why we detox, detoxing methods, the human microbiome, dietary detox and nutrition, detoxing from medications, and natural remedies to replace common chemical medications.  Participants are exposed to many materia medica, including homeopathy, Chinese and Western herbs, essential oils, flower essences, kombucha, natural hormone therapy and glandulars, chelators for heavy metal removal, and nutritional supplements, such as amino acids, magnesium, and green foods.