Mary J. Rogel, Ph.D., L.Ac.

Mary J Rogel

Mary J. Rogel, founder of East Point Associates, Ltd., is a licensed acupuncturist whose practice has a strong focus on orthopedics and body mechanics.  Her approach differs from that of most practitioners in that she focuses on tendons and ligaments and their effect on structural alignment.  A surprising number of health problems have a structural component to them.  This is her starting point for diagnosis and treatment not only of pain conditions, but also of internal medicine conditions such as digestion, breathing, and cardiovascular problems.  Mary incorporates many non-needle therapies into her treatments, including body work and tui na, Qi Gong Chinese exercise classes, and Acutonics™ tuning forks.

Acupuncture is a second career for Mary.  She holds a Ph.D. in social psychology from The University of Chicago and spent 10 years teaching psychology and 25 years doing health research and consulting before becoming a full-time acupuncturist.  She opened her acupuncture practice in Hyde Park after graduating from the Midwest Center for the Study of Oriental Medicine in 1986.

Along with her commitment to clinical practice, Mary is invested in sharing her unique methods with other practitioners.  She has published a number of articles concerning her concepts and methods and is a licensed Acupuncture Continuing Education Provider and licensed Massage Therapy Continuing Education Provider in Illinois, as well as a PDA Provider for the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  She has been teaching her style of orthopedic diagnosis and treatment to practitioners in various health care professions since 1999; and she co-teaches an annual class on detoxification with colleague Mary Helen Lee of White Moon Healing Center in Chicago. For more information on classes, click here. To read Mary’s articles, click here.

In 2014, Mary did a successful 13-week pilot for a radio show called “Rethinking Orthopedics.” These shows are a combination of teaching and guest interviews and are available as podcasts here.

In addition to teaching, Mary is the editor of Oriental Medicine Journal and does specialized editing of manuscripts and texts on topics in Oriental Medicine. As the Editor of Oriental Medicine Journal, she is responsible for procuring manuscripts, sending them out for review, preparing them for publication, and proofreading each issue before it is printed.  For more information about the Oriental Medicine Journal, click here.

Mary played a major role in legalizing acupuncture in Illinois.  She served for many years on the Board of the Illinois State Acupuncture Association and was the Chairman of the Illinois Board of Acupuncture for the first 14 years after the Acupuncture Practice Act was passed.

Having lived in Hyde Park for over 40 years, Mary is active in her neighborhood.  She is on the Board of DARE, Disabled Adult Residential Enterprise; and she is serving her sixth year as a commission member and Secretary of Special Service Area No. 61, the Hyde Park Commission, to which she was appointed by the Mayor of Chicago. For six years, Mary was a member of the Steering Committee and then of the Founding Board of the Chicago Hyde Park Village, whose mission is to help older residents of the neighborhood remain in their homes as long as possible.