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Hyde Park Bank Building
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Chicago, IL 60615

Special 2-Hour Healing Circle
Free For Everyone!

At Quaker House
57th Street Meeting of Friends
5615 South Woodlawn

On Tuesday, July 31
6-8 P.M.

Come and Bring a Friend!

This is for you if:

You want to learn to heal yourself
and heal others naturally.

You want to find natural healing support
for a recent or chronic illness.

You want to heal your whole person—
not just your symptoms!

You or your loved ones have a serious illness
and need healing prayer.

You need an energy boost
to get you moving and feeling good.

You are experiencing depression or grief
and want to return to a happy life.

You want to change some “stuck” behaviors
and relationships and open up to happiness.

You’re tired of treating your symptoms
and want to heal the deeper emotional
causes of your illness.

You are interested in a scientifically proven
natural approach to healing.
(See the attached e-book entitled
Ancient Chinese Healing Secrets)

What Will We Be Doing?

We will be learning healing modes you can do at home
for yourself and your loved ones, based on scientifically
proven practices of Wisdom Healing Qigong.

The Inner Smile

A gentle practice for building a kind, loving relationship
with yourself—the first step toward deep healing.

Learn a simple way to heal yourself every day!


We will show you how to create a “ball of light”
between your hands to help you direct
healing energy to yourself and others.

Tap into the healing power we
all share as human beings!

Healing Sounds

You will learn ancient healing sounds for
healing your organs and all body systems.

These can be done seated, standing or
lying down, anywhere you are. These sounds
are especially good for healing the deep
emotional roots of our pain and illness.

Feel your whole body come alive!

Haola! Circle Healing

Haola means “All is well and getting better!”
We will be doing joyous Haola! healing for specific
organ systems in the body, including the Heart,
Kidney System, Digestive System,
Liver-Purification System and
Lungs-Respiratory System.

This is done in a moving circle, with a great deal of
sound and enthusiasm.

Powerful and rejuvenating!

Who will be leading?

Anna York & Mary Rogel
Bring Over 50 Years of Qigong Experience
And Wisdom to These Classes

Anna York

Anna is a certified Wisdom Healing Qigong Instructor
and an ordained minister.

She is the author of Rising UP!
a book describing the way Tai Chi and Qigong
helped her recover from severe disability
caused by multiple sclerosis.

She teaches classes and workshops around the Chicago area
and has four Tai Chi-Qigong DVD’s that sell nationally.

Anna’s Website

Mary J . Rogel, Ph.D., L.Ac.

Mary is a licensed acupuncturist who has been
practicing in Hyde Park since 1986. She has a strong focus
on orthopedics and biomechanics and is
the founder of East Point Associates.

Mary is a licensed Acupuncture Continuing Education Provider
and licensed Massage Therapy Continuing Education Provider,
as well as a PDA Provider for the National Commission
for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

She is the editor of Oriental Medicine J ournal
and teaches weekly Qigong classes.

Mary’s Website

Questions & More Information

Anna York
Anna’s Website

Mary Rogel
(773) 955-9643
Mary’s Website

Click on The Link Below
For Your Free Copy Of
Ancient Chinese Healing Secrets

It includes inspiring information
about the Medicine-less Hospital in China
and the scientific basis for
Wisdom Healing Qigong.