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 oriental1_11As Editor of Oriental Medicine Journal, Mary writes an editorial for each issue.  All of the editorials she has written will be posted here on the East Point website, each with a link to the corresponding issue on the Oriental Medicine Journal website, where the issue may be purchased.

Early editorials tended to explain general concepts of Oriental Medicine, but Mary eventually realized that the editorials are her soapbox, and they became longer and evolved into something more like a blog.  You will find discourses on everything from politics in medicine, the responsibilities of practitioners, and attacks on acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, to archaeological findings, the history of OM, and current topics in health.  Each editorial also summarizes the articles in that issue.


Oriental Medicine Journal, Fall/Metal 2012

Even as we develop new treatment methods and uncover physiological explanations for why acupuncture works, we still study – and find relevant – the teachings of our long-dead master practitioners…read more


5_Earth_2012Oriental Medicine Journal, Summer/Earth 2012

Dennis Willmont continues his examination of the Antique Points, taking us to the next level of complexity with the Inter-Phase Relationships and showing us how to construct one-, two-, and four-needle treatments…read more



Oriental Medicine Journal, Summer/Fire 2012

Dennis Willmont takes us on an excursion through the Antique Points, one of the oldest systems of acupuncture…read more



Oriental 3_Wood_2012Medicine Journal, Spring/Wood 2012

This issue explores how acupuncture can be used in ways beyond how we normally think to use it…read more




Oriental Medicine Journal,Winter/Water 2012

Mathematician and dancer Nana Shineflug applies the ideas of qi gong to movement, taking OM concepts with which we are familiar and interpreting them in an unfamiliar way that helps us turn wellness into something even better…read more



Oriental Medicine Journal, New Year 2012

As we enter the auspicious Year of the Dragon, our profession is increasingly under assault by those who notice the power of our medicine and wish to claim it as their own…read more


newNY_2011Oriental Medicine Journal, Fall/Metal 2011

We must be careful not to hide behind the mystique of the East to camouflage our own shortcomings as health care practitioners because, just as Western health care providers do, we, too, have the potential to fail our patients, to make them worse, and to waste their money…read more


newNY_2011Oriental Medicine Journal, Late Summer/Earth 2011

The moment of Yin and Yang Separating is an actual, physical, palpable event…read more


newNY_2011Oriental Medicine Journal, Summer/Fire 2011

At the moment of the Summer Solstice, everything is so delicately balanced, as though our Earth is a great Dancing Spindle…read more


newNY_2011Oriental Medicine Journal, Spring/Wood 2011

The more we can understand about OM based on the findings of Western science, the more we find out just how deep an understanding our predecessors in this medicine had, without the benefit of direct imaging…read more

 newNY_2011Oriental Medicine Journal, Winter/Water 2011

This issue republishes a number of excellent articles from issues of OMJ that have gone out of print, returning them to active copyright status…read more

newNY_2011Oriental Medicine Journal, New Year 2011

The 60-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac adds another layer of meaning to the idea of starting over again and having the opportunity to do things better the second time around…read more


etal_SingleOriental Medicine Journal, Fall/Metal 2010

In Autumn, we can plainly see the foundation upon which we build our lives and our world. In this issue, we deal with various types of foundations, from how energy is extracted from food to the role of ligaments in the body…read more

etal_SingleOriental Medicine Journal, Late Summer/Earth 2010

In TCM, the Elements are not simply the names of categories. They have an order that gives the categories meaning. If you know where you are, then you know where you have been, where you are going, and how to get back.  The Center, Earth, has meaning in a system such as more

etal_SingleOriental Medicine Journal, Summer/Fire 2010

Vibration is a factor in healing; and current Western science research appears to validate the Chinese notion that the Triple Warmer is one of the organs of the more


etal_SingleOriental Medicine Journal, Spring/Wood 2010

Detoxifying the body is an important adjunct to acupuncture and herbal treatments for clients experiencing a wide variety of health issues…read more